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News of the Turtles

11 Jun

Hello it’s Mr Turtle. Sorry I haven’t done a blog post in a while butturtle-skateboard


unless you’re reading this from the future (when turtles have conquered the human race) in which case I will be older.

There has been lots of turtle news since I did my last blog post so I knew I had to share it with the world. These are two very interesting stories (of course including turtles).


This is my personal favourite. You can read about it here. I highly recommend it. It’s really interesting because it says that a turtle shell isn’t just 1 bone, it’s about 50. And the oldest turtle fossil they have found is 260 million years old. So turtles have been around longer than people and are better than dinosaurs because they’re still around.

2. WHY FEMALE LOGGERHEAD TURTLES ALWAYS RETURN TO THEIR PLACE OF BIRTH (try saying that 50 times fast with a sweet in your mouth!)

The full story about this is here. Female turtles always go back to the island where they were born when they want to lay eggs, even if it’s really far away and they haven’t been there for years. This is because they can fight off diseases better on their home island.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and the funny picture. I will do another post after my birthday to tell you all about it. See you when I’m 10!

Turtle Out


Sammy’s Great Escape – A new movie for turtle fans

21 Jan

Big news for turtle fans – a new film is coming soon. It is the follow up to A Turtle’s Tale and has baby turtles and lots of other sea creatures. It looks really good and I am going to see it.

Sammy’s Great Escape opens on 15th February 2013

A totally turtley Christmas

9 Jan


halloooooooo!!!! I hope you had a happy Christmas and New Year. These are the highlights of my totally turtley Christmas:

  1. I went to the beach on Christmas Day and ate a chocolate orange and it was really windy and stormy.
  2. I got a tortoise jigsaw that is very hard and my Granny helped me with it. Well, my Granny did most of it.barry-tortoise-bill-turtle
  3. I was with my family!
  4. I got a tiny cuddly turtle and a rock tortoise. They are called Barry The Tortoise and Bill The Turtle.
  5. I got the Lord of the Rings Wii game and Gollum is so cool in it.
  6. My mummy and daddy gave me a Roald Dahl CD box set with 10 stories.

That was my Christmas and it was fun.

Turtle out!

The Turtle’s News

18 Nov

Hello, Mr Turtle here. I have some news to tell you.

  1. I got picked for the school basketball team. I am doing a tournament this week. There are 14 people in the basketball club including me and 10 of us got to go. I can’t wait!
  2. Angry Birds Star Wars. I have been playing this and it’s a really, really great game. The pigs are mostly stormtroopers, the red bird is Luke and his special power is using a light saber at stormtroopers and Obi Wan is the black bird and he uses the force which makes the pigs go flying away.
  3. I got a Lego set today which you can see here. It has a ghost with chains, a witch and a zombie businessman. The thing you had to build was a grave stone.

This is my news.

Turtle out!

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