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Review: KOR Geomag

8 Jan

Happy New Year! I have just started school again after the Christmas holidays.

Just before Christmas I had a big parcel which arrived in the post. I got to review KOR Geomag.

We were sent KOR Geomag Tazoo Paco (the green one on the left) and Proteon Blatta (the blue one on the right).

Tazoo and Proteon are two different ranges – Tazoo is a bit younger and more animal-based and Proteon is a bit more like a battle figure.


I used to have Geomag and it was basically a lot of magnetic metal balls and sticks and they would stick together and you could create stuff with it.

But this new Geomag thing called KOR Geomag is very different to the original Geomag but it is still magnetic and still fun. There is a big magnetic ball in the middle, and other pieces clip around this. You can move them around and make all sorts of shapes, animals and figures.

Here is a video showing how they came to earth

Here is me making an oval out of the Proteon set:


Tazoo and Proteon are both suitable from age 5. I showed them to my friends who thought they were really cool.

Moving it around is a bit like moving a Rubik’s cube. You can twist it in all directions.

Because the pieces are not connected, it falls apart quite a lot which can make you sad. It can get quite frustrating. But all the shapes you can create are cool. It’s quite stiff to turn and sometimes gets stuck but if you keep on turning it then it will eventually turn. I like that the Blatta makes an oval shape.

I like the idea of this toy because it’s different to other toys and very original and the cool little battles you can have with them. It would make a great birthday present. I like putting the extra little bits together and seeing what I can create.

KOR Geomag are not in many toy shops yet so I was very pleased to be one of the first people to try them out. They will be in more shops soon and the sets cost from £25. You can also get these toys from Amazon.

Turtle out! 🙂


The Iron Man strikes (miniature style)

31 Mar

Hello – if you have read my previous posts you will know that I really like the Avengers and Stan Lee characters. Iron Man 3 is coming out soon and I am really excited about going to see it with my mum.

The people from Iron Man 3 sent my mum some toys for me to review, so here is my video review:

If you want to buy these toys, the first one is called Iron Man 3 Battle Vehicle and costs about £20. The big figure is called Iron Man Sonic Blasting Action Figure and is about £30.

After playing with these I wonder if they are going to be in the film? I can’t wait for Iron Man 3.

Turtle Out!

Frankenweenie: A review

5 Nov

Hello – Mr Turtle here and I’ve recently seen Frankenweenie.

It was an awesome movie. It’s about a boy and his dog. His dog died and he was really sad about it, but because he’s a bit of an inventor he was able to bring his dog back to life.

It’s the first 3D black and white film and is by Tim Burton who also did Alice in Wonderland.

The bit I liked the most was when there were loads of crazy animals around like real life sea monkies and a giant tortoise.

I really enjoyed it and I think you should definitely see Frankenweenie.

M is for Marvel movie marathon

6 Oct

Hallo! I have recently got the Marvel movie collection box set. This is a set of all six Avengers movies. It has got in it:

  • Avengers Assemble
  • Captain America: The First Avenger
  • Thor
  • The Incredible Hulk
  • Iron Man
  • Iron Man 2

I really really like Marvel stuff so I saved up the money. It took me a while to save up for it. If you want to know how much it was, it was £28. I had to do a lot of jobs to save up the money like hoovering, dusting and scrubbing.

It took a while to come in the post. It was terrible to have to wait! Since it arrived I have been watching all the films.

This is what I think of all the films:

  1. Avengers Assemble – this is the only movie I saw at the cinema and it’s my favourite because it’s got all the Avengers in it and they all work together. It’s well directed. All the Avengers get collected together and then there’s a battle which shows all their superpowers.
  2. Captain America: The First Avenger – This one is set in World War 2 and because I like history I really like watching it. Captain America gets his shield when he’s in the army. I also like that he starts off as a small skinny guy but turns into a big strong Avenger.
  3. Thor – I thought Thor was very good because it’s about not humans but Gods. I like Thor because he can make lightning and he has a very strong hammer that not even Hulk can lift. The bad guy is his brother Loki.
  4. The Incredible Hulk – I really enjoyed The Incredible Hulk because when he’s Hulk he’s really strong and can lift anything.
  5. Iron Man & 6.  Iron Man 2 – I like the hi tech gadgets and he’s got special screens he can move with his hands. He makes his own cool suit.

I think it’s a really good collection and if I were you I’d put it on my Christmas list.

Book review: Tom Gates

18 Sep

Hello it’s mister turtle, people liked my other review so I decided to write another one.

This one is called Tom Gates Everything’s Amazing (sort of).

It’s got loads and loads of drawings in it and the font it’s written in is in the style of a 9 year old kid.

The author is called Liz Pichon and she also does the drawings.

I like it because it’s one big story with little stories in the middle. It’s about a boy called Tom Gates and his life – it’s a bit like his diary. He loves drawing so there are lots of drawings. Lots of the letters are drawn in 3-D ways, and 3-D is hard to do, I think. I also like drawing too.

It’s quite a long book – over 400 pages, but because there are a lot of drawings there are not so many words. I think boys would mostly like this, but girls would like it too. It’s funny, quite easy to read and a really great book in general.

There are four Tom Gates books so far. I got this one for my birthday. I definitely recommend it because it’s really, really, really good.

Book review: The Only Good Dalek

16 Sep

Hello I wanted to tell you that I was reading a Doctor Who book called The Only Good Dalek. My granny bought it for me at Waterstones when I was 8. I just came to the end of it and I thought it was so good that I wanted to tell you about it.


It’s a graphic novel and it has daleks. The Doctor lands on a space ship and finds people who have daleks. They think that the daleks are harmless but they are wrong.


I like it because it’s got a good plot. There is an exciting bit on every page and it’s just a really great book. Some of the words are a little bit hard but if you try you can read them. You would like this if you like Doctor Who and are aged 7 to grown up.


The Only Good Dalekis by Justin Richards (who has written other Doctor Who books which I have) and illustrations are by Mike Collins.


14 Jul

I recently got Lego Batman 2 DC Superheroes. It is different to the other one, Batman the video game,because

  • The characters can speak for the first time ever!!!!:)
  • There are new suits and the old ones are upgraded
  • There is every DC super heroes ever including green lantern,superman and flash
  • You get to drive around Gotham in the Batmobile, Robin’s motorbike and the Batbike

I’ve found that it has frozen on a good bit but now it has started again. But that might not happen to you, goodbye:)!!!

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