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25 Feb

Hello guys and welcome to a recipe on how to make ULTIMATE POPCORN me and my mum made this one day
for fun it is truly ULTIMATE

You shall need
A bowl
Popcorn kernels
A little bit of cooking oil
Mini marshmallows
Mini eggs (we put them in because its easter soon you can put in any sweets)
Golden syrup-a big spoon full
Butter about 30g
A pinch of salt

How to make (recipe)
First you heat up the oil in a big pot
Put enough popcorn kernels in to cover the base
Jiggle the pot to coat the kernels in oil, then put the lid on the pot and wait for
Popping noises. The popcorn is done when the popping noise stops.
To make salted caramel, heat together the butter, syrup and salt.
Put the popcorn into a big bowl.
Pour the caramel over the top.
Add the mini marshmallows and sweets (mini eggs).

This is what it looks like:


And this is what it looks like 5 minutes later:




I hope you enjoy the popcorn.


Turtle Out!

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