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News of the Turtles

11 Jun

Hello it’s Mr Turtle. Sorry I haven’t done a blog post in a while butturtle-skateboard


unless you’re reading this from the future (when turtles have conquered the human race) in which case I will be older.

There has been lots of turtle news since I did my last blog post so I knew I had to share it with the world. These are two very interesting stories (of course including turtles).


This is my personal favourite. You can read about it here. I highly recommend it. It’s really interesting because it says that a turtle shell isn’t just 1 bone, it’s about 50. And the oldest turtle fossil they have found is 260 million years old. So turtles have been around longer than people and are better than dinosaurs because they’re still around.

2. WHY FEMALE LOGGERHEAD TURTLES ALWAYS RETURN TO THEIR PLACE OF BIRTH (try saying that 50 times fast with a sweet in your mouth!)

The full story about this is here. Female turtles always go back to the island where they were born when they want to lay eggs, even if it’s really far away and they haven’t been there for years. This is because they can fight off diseases better on their home island.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and the funny picture. I will do another post after my birthday to tell you all about it. See you when I’m 10!

Turtle Out

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