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Review: KOR Geomag

8 Jan

Happy New Year! I have just started school again after the Christmas holidays.

Just before Christmas I had a big parcel which arrived in the post. I got to review KOR Geomag.

We were sent KOR Geomag Tazoo Paco (the green one on the left) and Proteon Blatta (the blue one on the right).

Tazoo and Proteon are two different ranges – Tazoo is a bit younger and more animal-based and Proteon is a bit more like a battle figure.


I used to have Geomag and it was basically a lot of magnetic metal balls and sticks and they would stick together and you could create stuff with it.

But this new Geomag thing called KOR Geomag is very different to the original Geomag but it is still magnetic and still fun. There is a big magnetic ball in the middle, and other pieces clip around this. You can move them around and make all sorts of shapes, animals and figures.

Here is a video showing how they came to earth

Here is me making an oval out of the Proteon set:


Tazoo and Proteon are both suitable from age 5. I showed them to my friends who thought they were really cool.

Moving it around is a bit like moving a Rubik’s cube. You can twist it in all directions.

Because the pieces are not connected, it falls apart quite a lot which can make you sad. It can get quite frustrating. But all the shapes you can create are cool. It’s quite stiff to turn and sometimes gets stuck but if you keep on turning it then it will eventually turn. I like that the Blatta makes an oval shape.

I like the idea of this toy because it’s different to other toys and very original and the cool little battles you can have with them. It would make a great birthday present. I like putting the extra little bits together and seeing what I can create.

KOR Geomag are not in many toy shops yet so I was very pleased to be one of the first people to try them out. They will be in more shops soon and the sets cost from £25. You can also get these toys from Amazon.

Turtle out! 🙂

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