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My Thoughts on The Oculus Rift

3 Jun

oculus-rift 1

Hey there it’s me Mr Turtle and recently I got to see an Oculus Rift. If you do not know what an Oculus Rift is then look on this Wikipedia page to find out about it.

It is a virtual reality gaming headset. It is a box-like machine that you put on your face. There are two screens where your eyes are and you plug it into your laptop or computer. If you are playing a video game, instead of using your mouse to look around, you move your head.

Me and my dad went to see one of his friends who owns an Oculus Rift and we got to play with it. We played a number of different games. The first game we got to play was a space game where you are a rocket ship and you use your head to move, so if you look up then the rocket would go up. You press the space bar to shoot the other rockets out of space.

oculus rift 2

We also played a horror game, a roller-coaster that never ended and a house game where you run about the house. Some games I felt a bit sick in but apart from that it was really cool and I give it 5 Turtles out of 5.

Turtle Out!

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