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Mr Turtle reviews BBC audio books

11 Sep


I was sent some audio books by AudioGo to review. This site is the home of BBC Audio books – I already have a lot of their Doctor Who books. The good thing about Doctor Who audio books is that they are usually new stories that you haven’t seen on TV.

Audio books are books that you listen to. I like to read along with the real book when I am listening to the audio book, but some audio books are just good to listen to.

You can get them as CDs or download them on to your computer.

You can see the audio books here with Fluffy, who is my newest turtle. This is what I was sent:

Doctor Who: Hunters of Earth

This features the first doctor William Hartnell and is performed by two actors. Hunters of Earth is a very good audio book – it was read well, had a good plot and I really enjoyed it. It’s about the Doctor and his grand daughter keeping a secret that they are repairing the Tardis.

Doctor Who: Shadow of Death

This features the second doctor, and one of the people who reads the story is Frazer Hines who was in the original TV show as a Doctor’s companion. I didn’t find it scary, although the title is scary. It was really good.

Doctor Who: Vengeance of the Stones

We all listened to this in the car when we were on our way to Thorpe Park (which is where Fluffy came from). It lasts just over an hour and is about the Third Doctor Jon Pertwee. It’s about lots of circles of stones and some aliens who are trying to┬átake over this┬áplanet. It was quite creepy but we enjoyed listening to it.

The Hobbit

This was the longest one out of them all – it was about 3 hours and 30 minutes. I found it quite hard to listen to because they are all talking in weird voices. This is actually an old radio recording from Radio 4 in 1968. But I still really enjoyed it once I got used to all the voices. I really like The Hobbit.

I hope you enjoyed my reviews of BBC Audio books – go and listen to an audio book, they are really fun.

Turtle Out!

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