A totally turtley Thank You!

7 Apr

Some great things happened after my last posts!

Two of the authors whose books I reviewed sent me a message via my mum on Twitter! This is what Cressida Cowell and Liz Pichon said:


And I did get a caramel wafer after that:


Also the people from WWF got in touch and sent me a cool turtle toy:


I have called him Harold. He is extremely cuddly.

You can sponsor a turtle through WWF. They are my favourite charity because they look after the animals. In my school we have raised money to sponsor animals through WWF.

Thank you to Liz Pichon, Cressida Cowell and WWF.

Turtle Out!


The Iron Man strikes (miniature style)

31 Mar

Hello – if you have read my previous posts you will know that I really like the Avengers and Stan Lee characters. Iron Man 3 is coming out soon and I am really excited about going to see it with my mum.

The people from Iron Man 3 sent my mum some toys for me to review, so here is my video review:

If you want to buy these toys, the first one is called Iron Man 3 Battle Vehicle and costs about £20. The big figure is called Iron Man Sonic Blasting Action Figure and is about £30.

After playing with these I wonder if they are going to be in the film? I can’t wait for Iron Man 3.

Turtle Out!

A guest post from the USA

24 Mar

Today I have a guest post from a blogger from America. Mara is 8 and her blog is Marabird. She is finding out about school lunches all around the world. I have answered some questions for her about what school lunches are like at my school and Mara is going to put them on her blog.

Mara has answered some questions here about what school dinners are like in the USA.

Do you have treats/dessert for lunch? No we don’t because our President says that it is bad for the kids to have treats at lunch.

Do you have to eat everything on your plate for lunch? No we don’t have to eat everything on our plate.IMG_3013-private

What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch at school? My favorite thing at school is pancakes and a cheesy omelet.

Do you have a salad bar Yes we do have a a salad bar at school. We have to get two different things from the salad bar even if we do not like them.

What kind of tables do you eat at? We eat at picnic tables (they aren’t wood though).

Can you bring a lunch to school? Yes we can bring a lunch to school. Some people at my school never have had the school lunch.

Turtle Out!

3 books I have been reading

18 Mar

Hello –  I have been reading a lot of books lately and I wanted to tell you about 3 really good ones.


The first one I want to talk about is How to Ride a Dragon’s Storm by Cressida Cowell. It’s about Hiccup Horrendous the Third, who is a viking. He is the son of the chief and he is the only one in his tribe which is called the Hairy Hooligans who can talk to dragons. He has a really small pet dragon called Toothless and a best friend called Fishlegs. He has another friend who is in a different tribe called the Bog Burglers, called Camicazi.

In this story (out of the 10 stories so far) Hiccup goes on a swimming race through the ocean and gets caught in a gigantic ship and gets caught by an evil man called Norbert the Nut Job. But he has to get back to his home on Berk. I like it because it’s got a good plot and is very exciting.

My next favourite book is Tom Gates – Genius Ideas (Mostly) by Liz Pichon. I have read all the books in this series and have ordered the new one which is coming out soon. I like this because it’s one big stories with lots of little stories. It’s about the life of a boy called Tom Gates and has got great drawings. He has a friend called Derek and a band that he really likes called Dude 3. This is an easy book to read if you don’t normally read much.

The final one is Mr Stink by David Walliams. This is about a super-smelly man and a girl who becomes friends with him. She invites him to live in her shed. I think David Walliams’ books are really good because they have good plots, are really funny and are different from other stories (in a good way!).

If you are thinking of getting a book and you are 9 I recommend these highly because they’re extremely funny, they all have good plots and are totally turtelly brilliant.

Turtle out!

My turtletastic sea life adventure

7 Mar

Recently it was the half term holidays and I went to the Sea Life Centre in Brighton. I saw loads of turtles there. They have long necked turtles in special tanks at the start. There was a huge circle of water with iron bars. Inside it looked like an ocean with sea wreckage. There were two big turtles and some sharks, and the turtles were nearly as big as me.

sea life centre turtles Brighton

The next part of the Sea Life journey is where you can walk into a long tunnel. You can see through the windows and you can see humungous turtles and really big sharks swimming. It’s a glass tunnel and all around you, you can see different turtles, sharks and fish. Some sharks were twice as big as me!

For 2013 they have an Octopus Garden which is very cool. I liked that bit a lot.

And that was my day at the Sea Life Centre.

Turtle Out!

My role model is…

12 Feb

Sorry I haven’t done a blog post for a while but I have had a bad case of homeworkitis.

One of the many pieces of homework I have had was to write about my role model. And I did Stan Lee – the greatest comic writer of all history.


Here is a picture of Stan Lee and on his face you can see most of the superheroes he created. If you have not heard of Stan Lee you will most likely have heard of the characters he has created including Spiderman, The Avengers, The Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four and Antman.

I love making my own comics like Stan Lee.

If you want to you can leave a comment saying who is your role model and I will reply back.

Sammy’s Great Escape – A new movie for turtle fans

21 Jan

Big news for turtle fans – a new film is coming soon. It is the follow up to A Turtle’s Tale and has baby turtles and lots of other sea creatures. It looks really good and I am going to see it.

Sammy’s Great Escape opens on 15th February 2013

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