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Make your own LEGO minifigure

14 Jan

The new LEGO movie is coming out soon and they have created a game where you can make your own LEGO figure and add whatever hair or clothes or accessories you want.

It’s a really fun game to play and I have put it here so you can play it too:

I am going to see the LEGO movie when it comes out.

(sorry it was a short post)

Turtle out!


My adventures! :) !

14 Nov

Hi – I have had a very busy time since the last post. And that’s what this post is about.

Firstly I went to a place called Bowles. I went to Bowles for 1 week for a school trip. It’s a place where you do activities all the time and you get really really tired. Like when we first got there we had lunch and then the moment after that we were already doing raft building. These are just some of the activities that we did:

  • Skiing
  • Canoeing
  • Rock climbing
  • Orienteering
  • Swimming
  • Going through rocks
  • Night walk
  • The Leap of Faith (jumping off a very high wobbly platform)ulster-museum-sugar
  • Treasure hunt

I also went to Ireland for 5 days. It was really fun at Ireland because we went to see the Titanic exhibition and went to museums. In the Ulster Museum they had thousands of sugar cubes that you could make buildings out of. They also had around it massive structures, like temples and Quidditch pitches (at least that’s what it looked like) to give you ideas. I built a mini temple ruin.

At Halloween I went out Trick or Treating with my friend Dr Rainbows. I dressed up as a vampire with a bin bag cape.

Finally, for one of my homeworks at school I had to build an Anderson Bomb Shelter, but I built mine in Minecraft. It took me a while to make it but I have now finished.


11 Jul

Since the last post it was my birthday and I had a six layer cake. It had strawberry icing and had my favourite chocolate bars inside – Crunchie, Aero and Double Decker. It was really nice and I made a 10 out of a packet of smarties and it was really fun to make.

Here is a picture of it:





I just wanted to say that it was really nice and I wish it could last for ever.


Turtle Out!

News of the Turtles

11 Jun

Hello it’s Mr Turtle. Sorry I haven’t done a blog post in a while butturtle-skateboard


unless you’re reading this from the future (when turtles have conquered the human race) in which case I will be older.

There has been lots of turtle news since I did my last blog post so I knew I had to share it with the world. These are two very interesting stories (of course including turtles).


This is my personal favourite. You can read about it here. I highly recommend it. It’s really interesting because it says that a turtle shell isn’t just 1 bone, it’s about 50. And the oldest turtle fossil they have found is 260 million years old. So turtles have been around longer than people and are better than dinosaurs because they’re still around.

2. WHY FEMALE LOGGERHEAD TURTLES ALWAYS RETURN TO THEIR PLACE OF BIRTH (try saying that 50 times fast with a sweet in your mouth!)

The full story about this is here. Female turtles always go back to the island where they were born when they want to lay eggs, even if it’s really far away and they haven’t been there for years. This is because they can fight off diseases better on their home island.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and the funny picture. I will do another post after my birthday to tell you all about it. See you when I’m 10!

Turtle Out

A totally turtley Thank You!

7 Apr

Some great things happened after my last posts!

Two of the authors whose books I reviewed sent me a message via my mum on Twitter! This is what Cressida Cowell and Liz Pichon said:


And I did get a caramel wafer after that:


Also the people from WWF got in touch and sent me a cool turtle toy:


I have called him Harold. He is extremely cuddly.

You can sponsor a turtle through WWF. They are my favourite charity because they look after the animals. In my school we have raised money to sponsor animals through WWF.

Thank you to Liz Pichon, Cressida Cowell and WWF.

Turtle Out!

My turtletastic sea life adventure

7 Mar

Recently it was the half term holidays and I went to the Sea Life Centre in Brighton. I saw loads of turtles there. They have long necked turtles in special tanks at the start. There was a huge circle of water with iron bars. Inside it looked like an ocean with sea wreckage. There were two big turtles and some sharks, and the turtles were nearly as big as me.

sea life centre turtles Brighton

The next part of the Sea Life journey is where you can walk into a long tunnel. You can see through the windows and you can see humungous turtles and really big sharks swimming. It’s a glass tunnel and all around you, you can see different turtles, sharks and fish. Some sharks were twice as big as me!

For 2013 they have an Octopus Garden which is very cool. I liked that bit a lot.

And that was my day at the Sea Life Centre.

Turtle Out!

My role model is…

12 Feb

Sorry I haven’t done a blog post for a while but I have had a bad case of homeworkitis.

One of the many pieces of homework I have had was to write about my role model. And I did Stan Lee – the greatest comic writer of all history.


Here is a picture of Stan Lee and on his face you can see most of the superheroes he created. If you have not heard of Stan Lee you will most likely have heard of the characters he has created including Spiderman, The Avengers, The Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four and Antman.

I love making my own comics like Stan Lee.

If you want to you can leave a comment saying who is your role model and I will reply back.

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