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25 Feb

Hello guys and welcome to a recipe on how to make ULTIMATE POPCORN me and my mum made this one day
for fun it is truly ULTIMATE

You shall need
A bowl
Popcorn kernels
A little bit of cooking oil
Mini marshmallows
Mini eggs (we put them in because its easter soon you can put in any sweets)
Golden syrup-a big spoon full
Butter about 30g
A pinch of salt

How to make (recipe)
First you heat up the oil in a big pot
Put enough popcorn kernels in to cover the base
Jiggle the pot to coat the kernels in oil, then put the lid on the pot and wait for
Popping noises. The popcorn is done when the popping noise stops.
To make salted caramel, heat together the butter, syrup and salt.
Put the popcorn into a big bowl.
Pour the caramel over the top.
Add the mini marshmallows and sweets (mini eggs).

This is what it looks like:


And this is what it looks like 5 minutes later:




I hope you enjoy the popcorn.


Turtle Out!


My top 5 Minecraft Mods

4 Sep

One thing I have been doing over the summer is playing a LOT of Minecraft. And I was thinking of doing a post about Minecraft but I didn’t know what. So I have decided to do my top 5 Minecraft Mods.

If you don’t play Minecraft, a Mod is some extra code that adds in special things to the game. There are loads and loads of Mods so you can find one you will like, no matter what you are interested in. It helps to make your Minecraft world unique. All you have to do to find them is to search on Google for the sort of Mod you are looking for and then click on the link. Different Mods will have different ways to be installed.



These are my Top 5:

  1. The Dalek Mod
    This one is for Doctor Who fans. It adds in 22 new Daleks (which come out at night), 3 Cybermen, a really cute Adipose and lots of other Doctor Who monsters which look really cool. It adds in a fez, 3D glasses, the 10th doctor’s glasses, the 4th doctor’s scarf and the 7th doctor’s scarf. You can get Dalek and Cyberman armour, the TARDIS (which you can go inside with the TARDIS key) and Bessie, the 3rd doctor’s car. And of course sonic screwdrivers!
  2. Superheroes Unlimited Mod
    This Mod I really like. It adds in so much that I can’t list it all – it pretty much is unlimited. The highlights are: you can wear most of the Marvel and DC characters’ suits and become them and have their powers, such as Spiderman, Iron Man, Batman and Thor. You can get weapons like Wolverine’s claws, Kryptonite swords and grenades which fly you really far.
  3. Pig Companion Mod
    There are normally pigs in Minecraft, but with this Mod you can get your pig to wear a helmet and he will follow you around and attack things that try to attack you – he’s like a little defender. If you get enough pigs and helmets you could have an army of pigs.
  4. Smart Moving Mod
    This Mod is a lot of fun if you like jumping around. It lets you crawl on the ground and go through smaller spaces. It adds in better animations, and when you swim under water it looks really good. When you jump off a high place with water underneath you can do a dive. You can also climb up walls with this Mod.
  5. Mo Animals Mod
    I haven’t got this one yet but it sounds really good. It adds in loads of new animals but the main bit that I love is that it adds in TURTLES and TORTOISES and SEA TURTLES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

So those are my top 5 favourite Mods. I hope you have enjoyed reading about them and will give them a go. Leave a comment if you want to suggest another good Mod.


Turtle Out!


21 Aug

Hello Mr Turtle here saying some random facts (and sorry I haven’t done a blog post in a while)


  1. Elephants are the only animals with 4 knees, but they are also the only mammals that can’t jump
  2. There is a Doctor Pepper flavoured jelly bean
  3. Turtles can breathe through their butts
  4. Dopey is the only character who never says a word in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  5. Crisps were invented by accident in 1853

In the next post I will tell you what I have been up to this summer


Turtle Out!

A guest post from the USA

24 Mar

Today I have a guest post from a blogger from America. Mara is 8 and her blog is Marabird. She is finding out about school lunches all around the world. I have answered some questions for her about what school lunches are like at my school and Mara is going to put them on her blog.

Mara has answered some questions here about what school dinners are like in the USA.

Do you have treats/dessert for lunch? No we don’t because our President says that it is bad for the kids to have treats at lunch.

Do you have to eat everything on your plate for lunch? No we don’t have to eat everything on our plate.IMG_3013-private

What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch at school? My favorite thing at school is pancakes and a cheesy omelet.

Do you have a salad bar Yes we do have a a salad bar at school. We have to get two different things from the salad bar even if we do not like them.

What kind of tables do you eat at? We eat at picnic tables (they aren’t wood though).

Can you bring a lunch to school? Yes we can bring a lunch to school. Some people at my school never have had the school lunch.

Turtle Out!


21 Jul

Hello its Mr Turtle here just wanted to tell you about what to do on your summer holidays

  1. Play with toys that you really like!
  2. Visit your friends a lot.
  3. Do lots of drawing and writing – you could make your own comic book.
  4. Baking – bake cookies, cakes and chocolate brownies!
  5. Use your imagination
  6. Play out in the street.
  7. Go out on the beach if you have one.
  8. Read books
  9. Do chalk pictures outside your house
  10. Just have fun!:)
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