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My Thoughts on The Oculus Rift

3 Jun

oculus-rift 1

Hey there it’s me Mr Turtle and recently I got to see an Oculus Rift. If you do not know what an Oculus Rift is then look on this Wikipedia page to find out about it.

It is a virtual reality gaming headset. It is a box-like machine that you put on your face. There are two screens where your eyes are and you plug it into your laptop or computer. If you are playing a video game, instead of using your mouse to look around, you move your head.

Me and my dad went to see one of his friends who owns an Oculus Rift and we got to play with it. We played a number of different games. The first game we got to play was a space game where you are a rocket ship and you use your head to move, so if you look up then the rocket would go up. You press the space bar to shoot the other rockets out of space.

oculus rift 2

We also played a horror game, a roller-coaster that never ended and a house game where you run about the house. Some games I felt a bit sick in but apart from that it was really cool and I give it 5 Turtles out of 5.

Turtle Out!


Reasons why Stampy is great!

24 Apr

Hi everybody

Today I want to talk about Stampy.

For those of you who don’t know who Stampy is, Stampy is a Youtuber who makes Minecraft videos for a living and uploads them to Youtube. He is known as Stampylongnose and currently has over two million subscribers!


This is his channel.

Here is his introduction video which will tell you all about him:


I really like Stampy and every video he uploads to Youtube I get really excited because I can’t wait to see what he gets up to.

I think Stampy is really funny and happy. His Minecraft character is a cat and he loves cake and building. I think he is a great You tuber because he is very original and always thinks of new ideas to do or play in Minecraft. This is his 100th video:



He has lots of friends that he records with including IballisticSquid, L for leeee, ChooChooGaming,Ank55,AmyLee33 and

He is very great for kids as he plays no inappropriate  games and he uses no bad language. So if you are a kid who likes Minecraft, YOU’LL LOVE STAMPY!!!

Review: KOR Geomag

8 Jan

Happy New Year! I have just started school again after the Christmas holidays.

Just before Christmas I had a big parcel which arrived in the post. I got to review KOR Geomag.

We were sent KOR Geomag Tazoo Paco (the green one on the left) and Proteon Blatta (the blue one on the right).

Tazoo and Proteon are two different ranges – Tazoo is a bit younger and more animal-based and Proteon is a bit more like a battle figure.


I used to have Geomag and it was basically a lot of magnetic metal balls and sticks and they would stick together and you could create stuff with it.

But this new Geomag thing called KOR Geomag is very different to the original Geomag but it is still magnetic and still fun. There is a big magnetic ball in the middle, and other pieces clip around this. You can move them around and make all sorts of shapes, animals and figures.

Here is a video showing how they came to earth

Here is me making an oval out of the Proteon set:


Tazoo and Proteon are both suitable from age 5. I showed them to my friends who thought they were really cool.

Moving it around is a bit like moving a Rubik’s cube. You can twist it in all directions.

Because the pieces are not connected, it falls apart quite a lot which can make you sad. It can get quite frustrating. But all the shapes you can create are cool. It’s quite stiff to turn and sometimes gets stuck but if you keep on turning it then it will eventually turn. I like that the Blatta makes an oval shape.

I like the idea of this toy because it’s different to other toys and very original and the cool little battles you can have with them. It would make a great birthday present. I like putting the extra little bits together and seeing what I can create.

KOR Geomag are not in many toy shops yet so I was very pleased to be one of the first people to try them out. They will be in more shops soon and the sets cost from £25. You can also get these toys from Amazon.

Turtle out! 🙂

May the Turtle be with you

13 Oct

Hello Turtle Fans – A short time ago in a galaxy not far away, I went to the launch of  Lego Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles which is out on DVD.

I went with my friend Mr Anonymous and my mum. When we got there, there was a man giving out sheets of instructions and Lego so you could help to make a Lego Yoda mosaic. They didn’t finish it because there were 250+ bits, but this is what it looked like:


Yoda Lego Mosaic


They were also screening the actual DVD and we saw a bit of that. The DVD looked really funny. People who like Lego Star Wars will enjoy this.

And then Darth Vader came in with his storm troopers. I had a light saber battle with Mr Anonymous and Darth Vader kept saying Let the evil flow and I was scared of what Darth Vader was going to do!


lego star wars


And then we left and went to the M&Ms World, which is a huge shop in London which only sells M & Ms. Then we went home on the train.


Turtle Out!

Mr Turtle reviews BBC audio books

11 Sep


I was sent some audio books by AudioGo to review. This site is the home of BBC Audio books – I already have a lot of their Doctor Who books. The good thing about Doctor Who audio books is that they are usually new stories that you haven’t seen on TV.

Audio books are books that you listen to. I like to read along with the real book when I am listening to the audio book, but some audio books are just good to listen to.

You can get them as CDs or download them on to your computer.

You can see the audio books here with Fluffy, who is my newest turtle. This is what I was sent:

Doctor Who: Hunters of Earth

This features the first doctor William Hartnell and is performed by two actors. Hunters of Earth is a very good audio book – it was read well, had a good plot and I really enjoyed it. It’s about the Doctor and his grand daughter keeping a secret that they are repairing the Tardis.

Doctor Who: Shadow of Death

This features the second doctor, and one of the people who reads the story is Frazer Hines who was in the original TV show as a Doctor’s companion. I didn’t find it scary, although the title is scary. It was really good.

Doctor Who: Vengeance of the Stones

We all listened to this in the car when we were on our way to Thorpe Park (which is where Fluffy came from). It lasts just over an hour and is about the Third Doctor Jon Pertwee. It’s about lots of circles of stones and some aliens who are trying to take over this planet. It was quite creepy but we enjoyed listening to it.

The Hobbit

This was the longest one out of them all – it was about 3 hours and 30 minutes. I found it quite hard to listen to because they are all talking in weird voices. This is actually an old radio recording from Radio 4 in 1968. But I still really enjoyed it once I got used to all the voices. I really like The Hobbit.

I hope you enjoyed my reviews of BBC Audio books – go and listen to an audio book, they are really fun.

Turtle Out!

Magical Mr Turtle on Minecraft

13 May

Hello – Mr Turtle here and in this post I wanted to talk about Minecraft. If you don’t know what Minecraft is, it’s a game on the PC and it’s a world made out of blocks and pixels. It’s like Lego only on the computer and it’s a lot more detailed. Here’s the link to it. If you look at the link you’ll see that it is £17.95 but then you can play forever on any computer in the world (when you log in). Anybody can play. Most people would like it from age 7 plus.

I think it is very clever how it works because you can place any block and build massive towers or windmills or a massive fortress that shoots fire balls. You can make your own circus or a fair with an up and down rollercoaster. There is a creative mode where you have any block you want, and you can destroy blocks instantly, but on another type called Survival you have to build a house and make resources for your self and try not to get killed. On Minecraft I made a railway track which you can go around on.

My top 3 things I like about Minecraft

  1. It’s very creative and imaginative because you can make anything you want with only a few clicks
  2. It’s very sociable because if somebody else is playing in the same wifi as you, then you can play with each other. Also I talk to my friends about it because a lot of them play it.
  3. It’s very fun

I am going to make my own Minecraft video to explain it more. I’ve put two Minecraft songs in this post. Hope you like them as much as I do!

Turtle Out!

The Iron Man strikes (miniature style)

31 Mar

Hello – if you have read my previous posts you will know that I really like the Avengers and Stan Lee characters. Iron Man 3 is coming out soon and I am really excited about going to see it with my mum.

The people from Iron Man 3 sent my mum some toys for me to review, so here is my video review:

If you want to buy these toys, the first one is called Iron Man 3 Battle Vehicle and costs about £20. The big figure is called Iron Man Sonic Blasting Action Figure and is about £30.

After playing with these I wonder if they are going to be in the film? I can’t wait for Iron Man 3.

Turtle Out!

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