May the Turtle be with you

13 Oct

Hello Turtle Fans – A short time ago in a galaxy not far away, I went to the launch of  Lego Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles which is out on DVD.

I went with my friend Mr Anonymous and my mum. When we got there, there was a man giving out sheets of instructions and Lego so you could help to make a Lego Yoda mosaic. They didn’t finish it because there were 250+ bits, but this is what it looked like:


Yoda Lego Mosaic


They were also screening the actual DVD and we saw a bit of that. The DVD looked really funny. People who like Lego Star Wars will enjoy this.

And then Darth Vader came in with his storm troopers. I had a light saber battle with Mr Anonymous and Darth Vader kept saying Let the evil flow and I was scared of what Darth Vader was going to do!


lego star wars


And then we left and went to the M&Ms World, which is a huge shop in London which only sells M & Ms. Then we went home on the train.


Turtle Out!


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