3 books I have been reading

18 Mar

Hello –  I have been reading a lot of books lately and I wanted to tell you about 3 really good ones.


The first one I want to talk about is How to Ride a Dragon’s Storm by Cressida Cowell. It’s about Hiccup Horrendous the Third, who is a viking. He is the son of the chief and he is the only one in his tribe which is called the Hairy Hooligans who can talk to dragons. He has a really small pet dragon called Toothless and a best friend called Fishlegs. He has another friend who is in a different tribe called the Bog Burglers, called Camicazi.

In this story (out of the 10 stories so far) Hiccup goes on a swimming race through the ocean and gets caught in a gigantic ship and gets caught by an evil man called Norbert the Nut Job. But he has to get back to his home on Berk. I like it because it’s got a good plot and is very exciting.

My next favourite book is Tom Gates – Genius Ideas (Mostly) by Liz Pichon. I have read all the books in this series and have ordered the new one which is coming out soon. I like this because it’s one big stories with lots of little stories. It’s about the life of a boy called Tom Gates and has got great drawings. He has a friend called Derek and a band that he really likes called Dude 3. This is an easy book to read if you don’t normally read much.

The final one is Mr Stink by David Walliams. This is about a super-smelly man and a girl who becomes friends with him. She invites him to live in her shed. I think David Walliams’ books are really good because they have good plots, are really funny and are different from other stories (in a good way!).

If you are thinking of getting a book and you are 9 I recommend these highly because they’re extremely funny, they all have good plots and are totally turtelly brilliant.

Turtle out!


One Response to “3 books I have been reading”

  1. Lexie November 13, 2013 at 4:56 pm #

    I LOVE Tom Gates – he’s so funny, I’ve also read all his books. I’m a bit like him.

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