My turtletastic sea life adventure

7 Mar

Recently it was the half term holidays and I went to the Sea Life Centre in Brighton. I saw loads of turtles there. They have long necked turtles in special tanks at the start. There was a huge circle of water with iron bars. Inside it looked like an ocean with sea wreckage. There were two big turtles and some sharks, and the turtles were nearly as big as me.

sea life centre turtles Brighton

The next part of the Sea Life journey is where you can walk into a long tunnel. You can see through the windows and you can see humungous turtles and really big sharks swimming. It’s a glass tunnel and all around you, you can see different turtles, sharks and fish. Some sharks were twice as big as me!

For 2013 they have an Octopus Garden which is very cool. I liked that bit a lot.

And that was my day at the Sea Life Centre.

Turtle Out!


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