Book review: Tom Gates

18 Sep

Hello it’s mister turtle, people liked my other review so I decided to write another one.

This one is called Tom Gates Everything’s Amazing (sort of).

It’s got loads and loads of drawings in it and the font it’s written in is in the style of a 9 year old kid.

The author is called Liz Pichon and she also does the drawings.

I like it because it’s one big story with little stories in the middle. It’s about a boy called Tom Gates and his life – it’s a bit like his diary. He loves drawing so there are lots of drawings. Lots of the letters are drawn in 3-D ways, and 3-D is hard to do, I think. I also like drawing too.

It’s quite a long book – over 400 pages, but because there are a lot of drawings there are not so many words. I think boys would mostly like this, but girls would like it too. It’s funny, quite easy to read and a really great book in general.

There are four Tom Gates books so far. I got this one for my birthday. I definitely recommend it because it’s really, really, really good.


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