What I did on my summer holidays!

18 Aug

Hello,its me,mr turtle this is what I did on my summer holidays

  1. Firstly I went to The Olympics.
    I went to Wembley Stadium to see football. I thought it was good but there were quite a few empty seats in the stadium. In the game there were a few Mexican waves which went all around the stadium and it looked really good. I also went to Horseguards Parade to see Beach Volleyball and the voice man from the X Factor was there saying what happens. It was great, and there was another Mexican wave and I saw a lot of matches.

    Mr Turtle leaps!

  2. I went to France.
    I went on Brittany Ferries with my family. It was a very big boat, you can see it here. We went in cabins which had beds you could pull down and beds on the floor which made two bunk beds. There was a shower and a toilet.
    When we got to France we went on a big car journey to a camp called Siblu – this is where we went. There was a line of caravans with a garden in between. There was an outdoor and an indoor swimming pool. I went swimming every day and was nearly swimming as well as a turtle by the end. There was also bikes you could hire. There was a pub with a pool table and you could do lots of sports in Siblu. We also drove around France. It was a very good holiday.
  3. I went to Zippos Circus.
    The circus is in my town right now. They had budgies and horses and a big cage circle that people on motorbikes drove around and did cool stuff. They have food there and we got slushies that made our tongues blue.

One Response to “What I did on my summer holidays!”

  1. Patricia August 18, 2012 at 4:01 pm #

    Sounds like you had a terrific summer Mr Turtle and it’s not over yet!

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